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Kaella Lynn Events - Event Planning and Design

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Kaella Lynn Events is an event planning and design boutique in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Featured on Wedding Chicks: Lesley & Gregg

Thrilled to see Lesley and Gregg’s wedding up on Wedding Chicks today. I can’t think of a better way to spend this rainy day than perusing these pretty photos by Jake and Necia Photography on one of the prettiest wedding blogs.

Preppy Rustic Wedding // Planning and Design by Kaella Lynn Events // Photogography by Jake and Necia Photography

I had such a blast working with Lesley and Gregg to create their East Coast prep meets picturesque woodlands of California wedding last Spring. Having met at Amherst College where they both played sports, their relationship was founded on a collegiate background, so we wanted to include preppy details, like vintage trophies as floral vases and lockers for their escort card display. Scroll the photos below for some of my favorite shots and a full vendor list, but be sure to head over to the full feature on Wedding Chicks for all the fun details captured by the wonderful photography duo, Jake and Necia.

Preppy Rustic Wedding // Invitations by Umbrella Tree Designs // Planning and Design by Kaella Lynn Events // Photogography by Jake and Necia PhotographyPreppy Rustic Wedding // Planning and Design by Kaella Lynn Events // Photogography by Jake and Necia Photography #navy #wedding #bridesmaidPreppy Rustic Wedding // Planning and Design by Kaella Lynn Events // Photogography by Jake and Necia Photographyflowers escort cardsPreppy Rustic Wedding // Planning and Design by Kaella Lynn Events // Photogography by Jake and Necia Photography

Joie de vivre!

Kaella Lynn


Photography: Jake and Necia Photography | Event Designer: Kaella Lynn Events | Venue: Nestldown | Stationery: Umbrella Tree Design | Flowers: Florabella Studios | Caterer: Café Primavera | Hair & Makeup: Melissa Hoffmann | Prop/Furniture Rentals: One True Love Vintage Rentals | Lighting: Apis Floral and Design | Live Band: Livewire

Sneak Peek: Jessica and Jared’s wedding design

And so… the adventure begins.

This tagline set the stage for Jessica and Jared’s wedding. I mean, they have already shared some pretty incredible adventures together – from cross country ski treks in the wilderness to a multi-day hiking excursion in New Zealand. But their greatest adventure as a couple will begin on Friday, September 26th when they marry under the redwoods. Not to mention they are honeymooning in South Africa! Seriously. How cool are these two?!

I wanted their design to represent their adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors, amazing food and good wine. It’s all about the Fall season with deep jewel hues, figs and other seasonal fruits. This wedding is sure to be feast fit for a king and queen!

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Dark Hued Jewel Toned wedding inspiration by Kaella Lynn Events #sneakpeek #realweddingJoie de vivre!

Kaella Lynn


Sneak Peek: Stephanie and Johnny’s Wedding Design

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of bringing this design scheme to life at the beautiful and historic Kohl Mansion in Burlingame. Stephanie and Johnny wanted a black tie affair that was full of romance, warmth and whimsy. This was the inspiration board I curated for them that set the stage for all the design elements. I just love this color palette of gold and neutrals with pops of raspberry pink. So romantic and fun!

Wedding inspiration by Kaella Lynn Events #weddingplanner #colorpalette #gold #fuschia #pink #neutrals #olivebranches #blush


Joie de vivre!

Kaella Lynn

‘Organized Chaos’

Planning a wedding – or any major event – requires a certain je nais c’est quoi, and a great degree of over-preparation.  Some of my favorite wedding industry people will describe themselves as a little bit crazy; a few others have told me that they simply make order from the glorious chaos. Perception is definitely a ways off from reality in our industry, for good reason: executing on the day of  an event is nothing short of a three ring circus with you as the ring leader, and while the event looks FLAWLESS and guests are raving, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. So how do these wedding planners and industry pros get to be so organized and generally good at life? This week I took notes on my boss’ tips and tricks of the trade, Kaella Wilson of Kaella Lynn Events – you might want to write these down (in color coded pens, preferably in a monogrammed agenda).

Dapper Birthday Bash / Design and Planning by Kaella Lynn Events / Photo by Kelly Freedman

Cait: So you run a successful business, have a fantastic family and bouncing 1 year old, and still find time to be chic and peppy as can be. How do you organize yourself each day, in order to execute the amazing weddings you do, and also keep your life intact?

Kaella: I’ve always been organized. I was probably the only kid who cleaned up after her friends before proceeding onto the next activity. An organized space truly helps me focus, so I’ll often start my day cleaning up anything that was left out the day before. Aside from keeping my space tidy, I love a to-do list. Before the smartphone and all it’s fabulous organizational apps, I wrote down my to-do list for the next day/week at the end of each workday and used highlighters to color code levels of importance. Crazy, right?! Now, I’m bound to my Seize the Day app on my iPhone. I also enter meetings into my calendar immediately to keep ahead of my schedule.

However, all the organization in the world wouldn’t suffice if I didn’t have support. Fortunate for me, my husband not only supports me as a wedding planner, but encourages me to push myself in my career, even if it means sharing in household responsibilities, like cleaning the dishes or putting our son to bed so I can jump on email at night. Which is extremely inspiring, since he himself has a very demanding job.

C: What is the best organizational advice you’ve ever gotten in your career?

K: Being organized has always come natural for me and been a strength in my career, so I’m not sure I’ve received much direct advice on it. However, I did read once that studies found you should start your to-do list with a couple items that are quick and easy. Accomplishing these tasks at the start of your day will motivate you to tackle those bigger, more tedious tasks. I’ve always done this, but didnt realize there was scientific evidence behind it. Course, don’t let this lead to procrastination.

 C: What is the most challenging part of your day to day as a planner, and how do you work around that ? Is organization a key piece of your routine?

K: As much as planners love structure, there isn’t much in the life as a Wedding Planner. Maybe that is the beauty in it, as we are experts at creating structure out of chaos. There is a lot of context switching – from artist when sketching a design to analytical thinker when budget planning to sometimes even therapist or solution provider. I can sometimes wear all these hats in just under 30 minutes! This is why my to-do list is such a life-line. It keeps me focused when the world is pulling in a million different directions. And learning to prioritize is key. Sometimes, you just can’t get everything done in a day. Maybe a vendor hasn’t replied yet with key information or you had to drop your list to take care of an emergency for an upcoming wedding. It’s all about organization, but also important to be fluid and problem solve.

C: Just for fun, what are some of  your favorite products that help you keep everything in your life in order?

K: At KLE, we are mostly digital in terms of how we stay organized and share documents. I even use the Evernote app on my iPad as my “event binder” at every event or wedding. It allows me to keep everything at my fingertips digitally. And much lighter than a binder full of paper.

As mentioned above, I love my Seize the Day app on my iPhone. I do have to say that sometimes it’s easier to work out ideas on paper, so I do keep a good spiral notebook or pad of paper and a nice ballpoint pen at my desk.

I want staying organized to be as fun as possible, so I like to buy products that not only serve their function, but are cute too! Pretty much anything Kate Spade, striped or with gold accents makes me happy and motivated!

Team KLE’s favorite goodies to stay organized, throughout wedding season and beyond:

Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo Jammin' Jellies Agenda // Kaella Lynn Events Apple iPad mini retina // Kaella Lynn Events Paper Source Custom Notepads // Kaella Lynn Events Color Coded GoogleCalendar // Kaella Lynn Events

Preppy Pink Wedding Clipboard // Kaella Lynn Events

Sneak Peek: Zhen and Francis’ Wedding Design

This weekend, this whimsical wedding design comes to life. I’ve been working with Zhen and Francis for almost a full year now! They are such a fun couple – from working together at Facebook to sharing cool hobbies like pickling and raising chickens to traveling all over the world. Needless to say they are one of the busiest couples I know, yet they are having the time of their lives. I have enjoyed working with them to plan all the details and can’t wait to see them get married and enjoy a kick-ass party this Saturday!

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Gilded Whimsy Inspiration by Kaella Lynn Events  #gold #whimsicalwedding #rusticwedding #stripes

Joie de vivre!

Kaella Lynn