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Sneak Peek: Romantic Peach Wedding Design

I couldn’t wait any longer to share the wedding inspiration behind Molly and Patrick’s wedding design. They are from Chicago and will be hosting their wedding in Sonoma County this August. We chose a soft palette of peach, blush, sage green and ivory and will be incorporating french whimsy through stripes and gold glitter. Being from Chicago where it’s difficult to get fresh produce year round (makes you grateful to live in California huh?), the idea of fresh farmed peaches was very appealing to this lovely couple, so we will be incorporating them, not only into the design, but also into the favors and dessert! I just can’t wait bring it all together on their wedding day!

M+P Inspiration Board: Peach Wedding by Kaella Lynn Events #mintandpeach #beltaneranch #onetruelovevintage

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Prop 8 Dismissed and #DOMA Declared Unconstitutional

#LoveisLove #DOMA declared unconstitutional

Photo by Meg Perotti

Heard the news? The Supreme Court made two historic decisions yesterday. In a 5-4 decision, they ruled that the Federal Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional. In other words, in the states where same-sex marriage is legal, same-sex couples are now guaranteed the same federal benefits including income taxes and social security benefits.

To add to that — The Supreme Court has decided that California’s Prop 8 has no standing — paving the way for California to legalize same-sex marriage. The ruling means that same-sex marriage is now sanctioned in 13 states and the DC.

Kaella Lynn Events believes #loveislove. In fact, I designed this Preppy Picnic Wedding photo shoot as featured on Style Me Pretty last year in support of marriage equality. Yesterday was a great day for gay rights and I am thrilled for the thousands of couples who can now legally marry in California. To celebrate, Kaella Lynn Events is offering 10% off to same-sex couples who book us to plan their 2014 wedding by September 27th.

Cue the rainbow confetti!


Six Tips for Throwing a Memorable Baby Shower

This weekend was my last baby shower before the little guy’s big debut! Thank you to my Aunt and our good family friend who came together to throw such a beautiful celebration. I know it can make one a little anxious to throw an event for someone close to them (of course, you want everything to be perfect!),  but these two hit it out of the park. They kept it simple, focusing on a few key elements to make sure the highlight of the day was what it should be, the baby! You could hardly tell that these 30 close friends and family were from different parts of my life. They all had such a great time together, as did I! It’s only fitting that today’s guest post is all about how to throw such a successful shower.

How to Throw a Memorable Baby Shower

Pregnancy is a special time and moms-to-be should be showered with love from friends and family. If you’ve volunteered to throw a baby shower, you may be feeling anxious about its success. But it’s possible to throw a memorable baby shower without using all of your spare time to plan it and without breaking the bank. Here are six tips to make whatever shower you throw a success:

  1. Send creative invitations. Invites are the first impression guests will have of the shower you’re throwing. Make them stand out with fun colors and designs. You can purchase them, handcraft them or order cards and matching address labels online, but whatever type of card you choose, be sure to consider the mom-to-be’s personality. Is she bold and vibrant? Sophisticated and charming? It’s always a good idea to ask her if she has a vision for the invitations or if she likes the ones you’ve chosen.
  2. Use subtle decorations. You don’t need a bunch of over-the-top decorations for a baby shower to be a hit. In fact, too many decorations make a room feel cluttered, especially if there are a lot of guests present. For a simple way to “pretty up” the room where you’ll hold the shower, aim to use vases holding an inexpensive flower or baby’s breath for a simpler touch. To take it up a notch, all you need is one focal point that exemplifies your theme; a dessert bar, drink station, etc.
  3. Provide food for the health-conscious. There are many people who are trying to eat healthier, and while your brownie bites and other decadent sweets might taste delicious, they don’t leave much for health-conscious guests to eat. Try to provide these guests with a choice so they can participate in the snacking fun without blowing their diet goals.
  4. Don’t forget the drinks. It’s easy to focus on the food and forget all about what your guests will use to wash it down. Oftentimes, drinks aren’t expanded past coffee, tea and water. To add a little something extra to the mix, create a signature drink or punch for the party – preferably non-alcoholic, so the mom-to-be can drink it.
  5. Choose a variety of baby shower games and activities. Nothing is worse than sitting through an hour of baby shower games that no one wants to play – or that one guest keeps winning. Instead, choose a mix of baby shower games that speak to different strengths and interests. For example, don’t do both a crossword and a word search, as guests who are visual and like to solve puzzles will likely excel at both. Also, don’t allow the gift opening portion of the shower to last longer than an hour, as guests will become easily bored.
  6. Save money without looking cheap. It is possible to actually impress your guests and keep your costs down at the same time. For instance, don’t pay for disposable dishes but use your own; the cleanup will take longer but you can create an intimate, at-home feel by doing so. In addition, serve homemade cupcakes or cake instead of store-bought; not only will it taste better, but it will cost far less. Finally, have your gift for the mom-to-be or your party favors double as the décor.

Whatever you do, attempt to make your friend’s baby shower a memorable event. By combining purposeful planning with creativity and careful budgeting, you will host a lovely shower that pleases the mom-to-be and guests alike.

Author Bio: Cindy Rollins is a seasoned writer and guest author who enjoys sharing products, services and ideas that combine thoughtful design with a functional purpose.


Currently Coveting: Naked Cakes

I’ve been noticing a lot of unfrosted cakes lately, and I have to admit, I love the look! Totally unfussy, but very beautiful in a stripped down sort of way. Here are some of my favorite naked cake designs. What do you think? To much skin… er cake showing?

Naked cake #party


Ombre naked cake #wedding


Naked cake #wedding


Naked cake #wedding


{sources: left, right}

Tiered naked wedding cake


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