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Q&A with Borrowed & Blue

Kaella Lynn Events Q&A

As a wedding planner, I get asked a lot of questions about my work – from couples, family and even complete strangers (hello Lyft driver!). What’s it like? What’s your favorite part? How do we even begin planning our wedding? So when I was approached by Borrowed & Blue, a locally-focused online wedding resource, to answer some of these basic questions and give couples everything they need to know about our event planning services, I said yes!

Here’s our Q&A with Borrowed & Blue:  

Describe your event aesthetic in three words. Timeless, Romantic, Whimsical

The first thing you ask when you sit down with a couple? I want to know their story: how they met, the proposal, etc. It helps create a comfortable and relaxed environment right off the bat, and it gives me a glimpse into their personalities and relationship. I also ask for their top 3 priorities for their wedding day. Knowing their vision and expectation allows me to create a proposal that fits.

Top three pieces of advice for couples who just got engaged? Allow yourself to enjoy the moment and take it all in after the proposal. This is such a special moment, give it some attention! After you celebrate, but before you begin to plan, set your parameters (budget, location, time of year, guest count). Then hire a planner, and let us manage all the nitty-gritty details.

Kaella Lynn Events Q&A

Most important detail of wedding decor? This depends on what was most important to the client. Details are important and where I add those personalized details that make each wedding unique to it’s couple, from paper goods to the selection of flatware and china. The most important part of these details though, is how I then put them all the details together to facilitate the overall experience. It should all add up to reflect the couple.

Your thoughts on DIY weddings? Sadly, most DIYs on Pinterest don’t work out when clients try them in real life, so it can actually end up being more costly and time-consuming than hiring a professional. Not to mention the added stress.

What would your ideal tablescape look like? Lush flowers of fluffy blooms and foliage spilling onto a long table, layered table top pieces curated with clean lines so it’s not overly cluttered. I almost always include a natural element, like wood. And a beautiful charger to anchor the place settings. Kaella Lynn Events Q&A

Your favorite of all the San Francisco wedding venues? Getting to work in the Bay Area, I am privy to some of the most stunning venues in the world, so it’s difficult to choose just one. I do love a Private Estate and working in Sonoma/Napa is always special to me, since I grew up there.

The most important part of wedding planning? Trust your planner. It’s soooo important. Before hiring your planner, ask yourself if you trust that person. It will make your life so much easier throughout the planning process and allow your planner to be successful.

Describe your dream wedding. An outdoor affair at a Private Estate with lush flowers, locally sourced cuisine, and an amazing dance party. Oh wait! That was my wedding… and I’d do it again!



Photos by Edyta Szyszlo Photography from Kate + Brian’s wedding.

Wedding Guest Attire – Decoded

In addition to the obvious details (who, where and when), a wedding invitation will often provide a quick note to indicate the dress code. Well intended, these “labels” can lead to confusion about what to wear.

The general guidelines are pretty straight-forward: don’t wear white/off-white (unless asked to), nothing too revealing (be respectful) and avoid wrinkled clothing/looking disheveled. Some additional factors that will help you understand the dress code are to look at the venue, location, season and weather. If the invitation labels the wedding as semi-formal and the venue is grand and opulent, I recommend leaning towards the more formal side of the spectrum. Fall or Winter seasons call more weightier fabrics and darker colors, but be conscious of the wedding location as some places have their warmest weather in September (i.e. California!), so you may go with a lighter weight fabric and a beautiful shawl.

Wedding Guest Attire Decodedby Kaella Lynn Events with The Black Tux

Dapper couple from Kate and Brian’s August Wedding. Perfect example of coordinating outfits for a Summer cocktail/semi-formal wedding. Photo by Edyta Szyszlo Photography, Wedding Planning/Design by Kaella Lynn Events as seen on Grey Likes Weddings

Before we dive into the details, I advise you plan your outfit with your date. Nothing like linking arms with someone who is totally throwing off your look. Don’t have the appropriate attire in your closet and not interested in buying an entire new dress or suit? I’m sure you’ve heard of Rent the Runway for women. There is also The Black Tux , a game-changer in the suit and tux rental industry. Gone are the days where a guy’s only option to getting a nicely fitted suit was to buy one. Now he can rent a high quality suit and all the accessories. Men are stepping up their game in the apparel department, so it’s nice to see an option for guys to create dapper looks without breaking the bank!  

The Black Tux created this awesome style guide to define the labels and make planning your outfit easy. Read on as I share specific inspirations and recommendations in each style. 


Semi-Formal/Dressy Casual: The infamous Cocktail Attire. You may have also seen “Garden Party Attire.” This typically indicates a semi-formal event that will be outside, so appropriate shoes and layers are key. There is quite the spectrum in this category. A suit is always appropriate for the men, but consider the season and venue of the event for color and fabric. The fun thing about this category is incorporating even more pattern or color into the outfit. Lighter fabrics for a day time or Summer wedding and darker suits for evening or colder wedding months. This grey suit is very versatile and can be paired with many different colors and patterns to get the look you want. For ladies, a respectful cocktail dress that is mid or tea length is a great choice, like this one by Cynthia Rowley.

Wedding Guest Attire Decodedby Kaella Lynn Events with The Black TuxWedding Guest Attire Decodedby Kaella Lynn Events with The Black Tux

Beach Formal: Linen or cotton suits, like this khaki one are great for a beach wedding. Ladies need to be appropriate for the environment, but still fit the formality of the occasion. Long maxi dresses, like this one by Saloni with flat sandals are perfect.

Wedding Guest Attire Decodedby Kaella Lynn Events with The Black TuxWedding Guest Attire Decodedby Kaella Lynn Events with The Black Tux

Black Tie Optional: I always say, dress up when you have the option, so I recommend this Modern black tux. But this style allows for a dark suit, should that be more your style. For the ladies, I chose this long evening Hudson Gown. Neutral colors such as black or navy are fail-safe, but if your a more daring personality, I say choose a fun color that still has a formal feel.

Wedding Guest Attire Decodedby Kaella Lynn Events with The Black TuxWedding Guest Attire Decodedby Kaella Lynn Events with The Black Tux

Black Tie: Contrast shawl tux if you’re looking for a spin on the classic black tux that still works for this level of formality. A long dress like this gold sequin Badgley Mischka gown is glamorous and fun! Otherwise, black gowns are always appropriate.

Wedding Guest Attire Decodedby Kaella Lynn Events with The Black TuxWedding Guest Attire Decodedby Kaella Lynn Events with The Black Tux

And remember, infuse your own personality and pay attention to the details, whether it’s a patterned pocket square or cool shoes.


Kaella Lynn

Blogger Bride Series: Custom Paper Goods & Invitations

Hey again, fellow wedding lovers! Honest question: who DOESN’T love a beautiful invitation suite? Answer: just about no one. Paper goods are the bomb – and if I do say so myself, we’ve got a pretty stellar team of creatives on our side for our upcoming wedding this October (we’re looking at you, The Aerialist Press and Brown Fox Calligraphy). Kaella and I had a fantastic time dreaming up all sorts of creative ideas for our invitation suite – though I admit, we ended up going a completely different (and much better!) direction that I had originally planned, thanks to her expertise, and that of our fabulous vendors. Thank goodness for professionals – I am definitely ‘the crazy bride’ in this situation, and from time to time, I need someone with a level head to bring me back to center.

Custom Pop-Up Wedding Invitations | Calligraphy stamp by Brown Fox Callugraphy | Wedding Planning/Design by Kaella Lynn Events | Photography by Jake and Necia Photography http://jakeandnecia.pass.us/hamed--asal-2015

Photo by Jake + Necia Photography from Kaella Lynn Events wedding of Asal and Hamed. Custom inking by Brown Fox Calligraphy. Featured on Grey Likes Weddings.

Here’s the thing about invites and calligraphy: your paper goods are not edible. Nobody is going to sit on them, drink them, dance to them, or otherwise have a major physical interaction with them on the night of your event. But does this negate the importance of making sure they’re executed well? Personally, I say absolutely not! Your invitation is the very first piece of your wedding experience that your guests will hold in their hands: a tangible representation of your design and vision, and a first impression of sorts for you and your betrothed as a married couple. And your accompanying wedding day signage, from ceremony programs to dinner menus, bar signs and hashtag monikers, will further carry through the expert vision that you and your event designer have carefully crafted, and complete the circle of the visual representation of your love. Signage also helps ensure that an event flows smoothly, which is truly the highest goal for a successful wedding. How’s THAT for big picture?!

With matching paper goods providing continuity throughout all aspects of the event, the wedding feels whole and finished – and typically looks stunning, to boot. I’m so excited to send out our wedding invitations next month, and proudly display the accompanying paper goods around our event in just 80 days: because they’re going to be beautiful, and I’m so grateful to have had a team to help craft them around Ned & my individual style, and our wedding design. YAY FOR INVITATIONS! Below, I’m sharing a few of the biggest inspirations Kaella and I used when designing both our wedding invitation suite, day-of signage, and other paper goods in tandem with our vendor team – and we can’t wait to share pictures of them on our wedding day soon!

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

A custom invite suite by Plume Calligraphy and shot by Katie Grant Photography (featured here on Green Wedding Shoes). I am STILL in love with the subtle balance of classic beauty and moody elegance in this suite – a truly timeless design!

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

A shot from Jose Villa and husband Joel Serrato’s wedding day that perfectly captures the two dapper gents, and their divine leather-focused invitations (shot by none other than Elizabeth Messina. Because #WeddingGoals). Set in a rustic locale, their wedding is the embodiment of masculine perfection and neutral restraint, and I can’t get enough.

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

Swanky envelope calligraphy really IS a must for making your envelopes pop! Here, Carolyn Jane Designs brings this Amalfi Coast wedding inspiration to new heights with gold calligraphy, and KT Merry Photography captures the shot perfectly – swoon.

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

CAN WE TALK ABOUT PROGRAM GOALS? These letterpressed fan-fabulous beauties are the work of East Six Design, and are photographed by Kelly Kollar Photography. The blush silk ribbons are a ballerina’s dream, and I love the fresh approach to creating a ceremony program in a functional shape.

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

The paper goods and calligraphy for Asal and Hamed’s wedding (some of our favorite KLE clients, featured on Grey Likes Weddings here!) was expertly calligraphed by our very own Brown Fox Calligraphy – and I’m obsessed. Her handiwork is just gorgeous! I love the deckled edging and gold ink here, fatefully photographed by our own wedding photographers, Jake & Necia.

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

MORE Team KLE magic (also featured in Grey Likes Weddings, here, because Kaella is a #GirlBoss) – this time, paper goods were created by The Aerialist Press and captured by our dear friend and fab photographer, Edyta Szyszlo Photography. I love this invitation suite, because it perfectly gets at the bride and groom’s style – who they are, what they love (equestrian! Which is also how they met…), and how their life together is going to begin. LOVE-LY. And aren’t those checked linens from La Tavola fine linen just divine!?

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

How rad is this custom suite from Cheree Berry Paper? Ahem, it’s aptly titled ‘Fit For a Queen’, and I can’t stop staring at it. I love the gentle neutrals, old world monograms, and perfect balance of lettering and iconography.

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

This table setting with custom leather menus is everything – and look at that perfectly balanced dinner plate situation and beautiful calligraphy! Adore everything that is going on here.

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

Okay, one last favorite from Kate and Bryan’s Wedding (shot by Edyta Szyszlo Photography), because in all my years in the wedding industry, I have never loved ceremony programs more at a client event – these are my all time favorite, Aerialist Press! They’re just perfection – and the ribbon is the icing on the cake.