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Blogger Bride Series: Preparing for your Honeymoon!

Hey everyone! Cait-the-bride here, coming to you with some tips for preparing for your honeymoon. Your wedding is a huge to-do: from the traveling family, hotel room blocks, and endless vendor commitments to your day-of details, theres no shortage of activities that you can spend your time planning. But if you’re lucky enough to be planning a honeymoon (or even a mini-getaway), there’s a bright spot at the end of all of that preparation: and you and your new husband have a lot to look forward to!

We went back and forth when talking about our upcoming honeymoon: Ned and I both work in sales, and are getting married in the middle of October, which is crazy timing work-wise – not to mention the fact that our wedding is 3,000 miles from home, so travel schedules needed to be carefully navigated. Before we got into the nitty gritty of planning and booking, though, we took a few months to talk, and really figure out what we wanted out of our honeymoon, and where we might want to go. We agreed on three simple principles: we wanted to go somewhere warm and tropical, we wanted enough time to really tune out and relax with each other (vs. tour and explore a lot), and we wanted a flight that wasn’t so long it was going to cost us a full day or two on either end of our trip.

Ever since we took our first vacation to Maui together when we started dating, we have both been in love with the island – and that’s really where we fell in love, walking along the beach at sunset after dinners, talking and laughing by the pool, and learning about each other. So with our wedding in LA, and Maui only a 4.5 hour direct flight away, choosing our destination ended up being a no-brainer! Below, I’m sharing my top 5 tips for preparing for your honeymoon, tried and tested by yours truly:

  1. Pick a location with meaning: if you’ve always dreamed of visiting a city together, or fell in love somewhere specific like we did, this is your chance to go there! Your honeymoon is an opportunity for the two of you to relax, spend quality time together, and really soak in everything that has brought you together, and happened at your wedding events. Ned and I plan to visit so many new spots on the island, but we also want to be sure to have dinner at our favorite restaurant in Lahaina, and visit the Old Lahaina Luau for good old memories from our very first trip there!hawaii-princeville-2
  2. Decide on your priorities: ours were enough days out of town to really relax, a destination with plenty of activity but also tons of opportunity to restful downtime, somewhere we can hike and get into nature for a bit, and a place with really great food! Whatever is important to you, be sure to bake that into your travel plans – you don’t want to settle for 7 days of guided tours, when all you’re really dreaming of is a day at the spa.

    KLE Blogger Bride: Preparing for your honeymoon

    Photo via Style Me Pretty

  3. Pack WELL: if visiting Maui nearly every year since I was a kid has taught me anything, it’s the value of packing the correct items (vs. everything in your closet) in your suitcase. You will never wear socks and sneakers on the island (unless you’re working out), don’t pack more than 1 or 2 pairs of pants, and when in doubt, load up on bathing suits and sundresses and a good pair of rubber flip flops. They will carry you far! Also, it’s always a good idea to bring at least 1 bathing suit for every 2 days you’re there, in case you need to wear more than one in a day. Hello night swims!

  4. Plan a few special touches: my mom taught me that there is no substitute for a good surprise, and that the little details count for a lot when you’re in the moment. For this reason, make sure you bake a few special honeymoon touches into your trip – these can be as small as ordering ahead for a bottle of champagne to your room upon arrival, or alerting the hotel that you’re celebrating, so they know and can honor your visit. You can also plan an excursion to surprise your better half, or call ahead to make a special dinner or drinks reservation. Whatever your plans, make it a trip to remember, more than anything else, by creating small moments of magic with your new husband or wife.

  5. Document, and write it all down: I’m a big believer in making memories, and then documenting them so I can go back and reminisce later! One of the ideas that I’m definitely planning on using on our honeymoon is a travel journal, where we save special little snippets (tickets, cocktail napkins, photos) from our trip, and then paste them into a small journey specifically for this trip. You can also write a little blurb each day about what you did/ate/saw, and this will serve as a great tool to jog your memory when you look back later. PS: Never be afraid to ask someone trustworthy-looking to take your photo – you’re a honeymooner, that’s WAY cooler than a “tourist”, and you’ll be glad to see two smiling faces in all of your photos later.

With love,


Blissful Blush: Inspiration for Gowns & Blooms

Rose quartz gown and bloom inspiration | Kaella Lynn Events Blog

We know, we know…we’re not the first to fall in love with a blush pink bridal palette. Pantone’s 2016 color of the year is rose quartz – and pale pink exploded this season, everywhere from bridesmaid gowns to wedding tents. But hear us out: not all pinks are created equal! And not every shade is perfect for your own big day. On the contrary: as true connoisseurs of color, and purveyors of fine design, we feel strongly that there is an ideal color palette for every wedding couple. Some of the factors that might help you establish your color scheme include your personal aesthetic (and that of your fiancé(e)), event style, seasonality, and even geographic location. That said, should you find yourself in a similar state of mind as this planner (read: thinking pink), we have a style guide for you that’ll have you tickled pink in no time!

As bride Shelby (in the movie ‘Steel Magnolias’) once said, “Pink is my signature color” – and if the same can be said for you, we’ve paired a series of pink wedding gowns and bouquet inspirations to suit every style and modern bride. The trick to pink perfection, without overdoing it? Stick to your personal style, and incorporate a shade or two of pink that best fits your event design, along with plenty of textural variety. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to be the blushing bride on your big day…

Style Guide: for the Sweet and Feminine Bride

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

This delicate two piece lace corset and chiffon skirt combo, photographed by Sally Pinera, gets at the heart of every girl’s sweet dreams of her wedding day.

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

Paired with these sugary pink blooms from The Backyard Bouquet (photographed by Bethany Erin), this duo is perfection for the girly girl in all of us.

Style Guide: for the Artist’s Muse Bride

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

Captured by photographer Jose Villa, this mauve Vera Wang structural ballgown is all about the luscious lines and textured tulle – a combination that would have the likes of Rembrandt swooning.

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

Set next to this artist’s dream bridal bouquet from Bows and Arrows (shot by Kayla Barker), this pairing has all the makings of a divine still life painting, complete with trailing ribbons and lavish blooms.

Style Guide: For the Edgy Modern Bride

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

This Krikor Jabotian sequined cape gown (photographed by Le Secret d’Audrey) is a modern marvel – unlike anything we’ve ever seen, with just a tinge of silvery pink tulle to keep things grounded in all of that sparkle.

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

We suggest a fabulously irreverent pairing for a French wedding in early spring: complete with a sassy protea and thistle bouquet, and finished with barely-there pink tulips (from Peony and Plum, photographed by Ether and Smith Photography).

Style Guide: for the Wildly Whimsical Bride

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

Nothing says whimsy quite like a train full of fluffy powder pink ruffles, and this Monique Lhuillier gown from KT Merry Photography does not disappoint.

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

Pair it with a wildly sprawling and perfectly pink floral bouquet from Kelly Kaufman Design, photographed by Jose Villa.

Style Guide: for the Garden Party Bride

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

If your bridal style is more croquet than cocktail, and you prefer brunch on the lawn to drinks in the ballroom, this Zahavit Tshuba dress is for you, photographed by Light & Lace Fine Art Photography.

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

Paired with a classic bundle of blooms befitting an ‘English Rose’ herself, you cannot go wrong with garden party styling by Sweet Woodruff, and photographed by ARTIESE Studios. Pass the tea and crumpets!

Style Guide: for the Punchy Pop Bride

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

Feeling punchy pink, like Gwen Stefani circa 2002? Make the most of this pink tinged tulle gown from Tara Keely Bridal, and show your pop side.

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

What more perfect accompaniment than this bridal bouquet, packed with pops of electric pink peonies and bursting with ranunculus from Bristol Lane Florals, photographed by Sophie Epton Photography. Party in a bridal bouquet, if you ask us!

Style Guide: for the Classically Romantic Bride

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

There’s nothing prettier than the classic lines and soft tulle of this putty pink Reem Acra Gown – the romance is almost palpable.

KLE Blog: Blissful Blush

Accompany a classic gown with an equally perfect bridal bouquet, complete with trailing ribbons and fairytale ivy. Floral design by Brandie Chisolm, and photographed by Ryan Ray Photography.