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Blogger Bride Series: Preparing for your Honeymoon!

Hey everyone! Cait-the-bride here, coming to you with some tips for preparing for your honeymoon. Your wedding is a huge to-do: from the traveling family, hotel room blocks, and endless vendor commitments to your day-of details, theres no shortage of activities that you can spend your time planning. But if you’re lucky enough to be planning a honeymoon (or even a mini-getaway), there’s a bright spot at the end of all of that preparation: and you and your new husband have a lot to look forward to!

We went back and forth when talking about our upcoming honeymoon: Ned and I both work in sales, and are getting married in the middle of October, which is crazy timing work-wise – not to mention the fact that our wedding is 3,000 miles from home, so travel schedules needed to be carefully navigated. Before we got into the nitty gritty of planning and booking, though, we took a few months to talk, and really figure out what we wanted out of our honeymoon, and where we might want to go. We agreed on three simple principles: we wanted to go somewhere warm and tropical, we wanted enough time to really tune out and relax with each other (vs. tour and explore a lot), and we wanted a flight that wasn’t so long it was going to cost us a full day or two on either end of our trip.

Ever since we took our first vacation to Maui together when we started dating, we have both been in love with the island – and that’s really where we fell in love, walking along the beach at sunset after dinners, talking and laughing by the pool, and learning about each other. So with our wedding in LA, and Maui only a 4.5 hour direct flight away, choosing our destination ended up being a no-brainer! Below, I’m sharing my top 5 tips for preparing for your honeymoon, tried and tested by yours truly:

  1. Pick a location with meaning: if you’ve always dreamed of visiting a city together, or fell in love somewhere specific like we did, this is your chance to go there! Your honeymoon is an opportunity for the two of you to relax, spend quality time together, and really soak in everything that has brought you together, and happened at your wedding events. Ned and I plan to visit so many new spots on the island, but we also want to be sure to have dinner at our favorite restaurant in Lahaina, and visit the Old Lahaina Luau for good old memories from our very first trip there!hawaii-princeville-2
  2. Decide on your priorities: ours were enough days out of town to really relax, a destination with plenty of activity but also tons of opportunity to restful downtime, somewhere we can hike and get into nature for a bit, and a place with really great food! Whatever is important to you, be sure to bake that into your travel plans – you don’t want to settle for 7 days of guided tours, when all you’re really dreaming of is a day at the spa.

    KLE Blogger Bride: Preparing for your honeymoon

    Photo via Style Me Pretty

  3. Pack WELL: if visiting Maui nearly every year since I was a kid has taught me anything, it’s the value of packing the correct items (vs. everything in your closet) in your suitcase. You will never wear socks and sneakers on the island (unless you’re working out), don’t pack more than 1 or 2 pairs of pants, and when in doubt, load up on bathing suits and sundresses and a good pair of rubber flip flops. They will carry you far! Also, it’s always a good idea to bring at least 1 bathing suit for every 2 days you’re there, in case you need to wear more than one in a day. Hello night swims!

  4. Plan a few special touches: my mom taught me that there is no substitute for a good surprise, and that the little details count for a lot when you’re in the moment. For this reason, make sure you bake a few special honeymoon touches into your trip – these can be as small as ordering ahead for a bottle of champagne to your room upon arrival, or alerting the hotel that you’re celebrating, so they know and can honor your visit. You can also plan an excursion to surprise your better half, or call ahead to make a special dinner or drinks reservation. Whatever your plans, make it a trip to remember, more than anything else, by creating small moments of magic with your new husband or wife.

  5. Document, and write it all down: I’m a big believer in making memories, and then documenting them so I can go back and reminisce later! One of the ideas that I’m definitely planning on using on our honeymoon is a travel journal, where we save special little snippets (tickets, cocktail napkins, photos) from our trip, and then paste them into a small journey specifically for this trip. You can also write a little blurb each day about what you did/ate/saw, and this will serve as a great tool to jog your memory when you look back later. PS: Never be afraid to ask someone trustworthy-looking to take your photo – you’re a honeymooner, that’s WAY cooler than a “tourist”, and you’ll be glad to see two smiling faces in all of your photos later.

With love,


Blogger Bride Series: Custom Paper Goods & Invitations

Hey again, fellow wedding lovers! Honest question: who DOESN’T love a beautiful invitation suite? Answer: just about no one. Paper goods are the bomb – and if I do say so myself, we’ve got a pretty stellar team of creatives on our side for our upcoming wedding this October (we’re looking at you, The Aerialist Press and Brown Fox Calligraphy). Kaella and I had a fantastic time dreaming up all sorts of creative ideas for our invitation suite – though I admit, we ended up going a completely different (and much better!) direction that I had originally planned, thanks to her expertise, and that of our fabulous vendors. Thank goodness for professionals – I am definitely ‘the crazy bride’ in this situation, and from time to time, I need someone with a level head to bring me back to center.

Custom Pop-Up Wedding Invitations | Calligraphy stamp by Brown Fox Callugraphy | Wedding Planning/Design by Kaella Lynn Events | Photography by Jake and Necia Photography http://jakeandnecia.pass.us/hamed--asal-2015

Photo by Jake + Necia Photography from Kaella Lynn Events wedding of Asal and Hamed. Custom inking by Brown Fox Calligraphy. Featured on Grey Likes Weddings.

Here’s the thing about invites and calligraphy: your paper goods are not edible. Nobody is going to sit on them, drink them, dance to them, or otherwise have a major physical interaction with them on the night of your event. But does this negate the importance of making sure they’re executed well? Personally, I say absolutely not! Your invitation is the very first piece of your wedding experience that your guests will hold in their hands: a tangible representation of your design and vision, and a first impression of sorts for you and your betrothed as a married couple. And your accompanying wedding day signage, from ceremony programs to dinner menus, bar signs and hashtag monikers, will further carry through the expert vision that you and your event designer have carefully crafted, and complete the circle of the visual representation of your love. Signage also helps ensure that an event flows smoothly, which is truly the highest goal for a successful wedding. How’s THAT for big picture?!

With matching paper goods providing continuity throughout all aspects of the event, the wedding feels whole and finished – and typically looks stunning, to boot. I’m so excited to send out our wedding invitations next month, and proudly display the accompanying paper goods around our event in just 80 days: because they’re going to be beautiful, and I’m so grateful to have had a team to help craft them around Ned & my individual style, and our wedding design. YAY FOR INVITATIONS! Below, I’m sharing a few of the biggest inspirations Kaella and I used when designing both our wedding invitation suite, day-of signage, and other paper goods in tandem with our vendor team – and we can’t wait to share pictures of them on our wedding day soon!

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

A custom invite suite by Plume Calligraphy and shot by Katie Grant Photography (featured here on Green Wedding Shoes). I am STILL in love with the subtle balance of classic beauty and moody elegance in this suite – a truly timeless design!

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

A shot from Jose Villa and husband Joel Serrato’s wedding day that perfectly captures the two dapper gents, and their divine leather-focused invitations (shot by none other than Elizabeth Messina. Because #WeddingGoals). Set in a rustic locale, their wedding is the embodiment of masculine perfection and neutral restraint, and I can’t get enough.

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

Swanky envelope calligraphy really IS a must for making your envelopes pop! Here, Carolyn Jane Designs brings this Amalfi Coast wedding inspiration to new heights with gold calligraphy, and KT Merry Photography captures the shot perfectly – swoon.

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

CAN WE TALK ABOUT PROGRAM GOALS? These letterpressed fan-fabulous beauties are the work of East Six Design, and are photographed by Kelly Kollar Photography. The blush silk ribbons are a ballerina’s dream, and I love the fresh approach to creating a ceremony program in a functional shape.

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

The paper goods and calligraphy for Asal and Hamed’s wedding (some of our favorite KLE clients, featured on Grey Likes Weddings here!) was expertly calligraphed by our very own Brown Fox Calligraphy – and I’m obsessed. Her handiwork is just gorgeous! I love the deckled edging and gold ink here, fatefully photographed by our own wedding photographers, Jake & Necia.

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

MORE Team KLE magic (also featured in Grey Likes Weddings, here, because Kaella is a #GirlBoss) – this time, paper goods were created by The Aerialist Press and captured by our dear friend and fab photographer, Edyta Szyszlo Photography. I love this invitation suite, because it perfectly gets at the bride and groom’s style – who they are, what they love (equestrian! Which is also how they met…), and how their life together is going to begin. LOVE-LY. And aren’t those checked linens from La Tavola fine linen just divine!?

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

How rad is this custom suite from Cheree Berry Paper? Ahem, it’s aptly titled ‘Fit For a Queen’, and I can’t stop staring at it. I love the gentle neutrals, old world monograms, and perfect balance of lettering and iconography.

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

This table setting with custom leather menus is everything – and look at that perfectly balanced dinner plate situation and beautiful calligraphy! Adore everything that is going on here.

KLE Blogger Bride: Custom Paper Goods

Okay, one last favorite from Kate and Bryan’s Wedding (shot by Edyta Szyszlo Photography), because in all my years in the wedding industry, I have never loved ceremony programs more at a client event – these are my all time favorite, Aerialist Press! They’re just perfection – and the ribbon is the icing on the cake.

Blogger Bride Series: Wedding Floral Inspiration – making a statement

They say every wedding can be perfect: that if the day and event are truly a reflection of the bride and groom as individuals, their shared wedding will be a delightful ceremony (and party) to symbolize coming together as one. I fully believe this – and as I’ve shared with my fiancé more than 100 times since the beginning of our relationship, I want our special event to be totally tailored to us. I also have this thing with flowers…


Flowers by Siren Floral Co., Photo by Joielala // via 100 Layer Cake

It all started when I was a little girl, buzzing around in my grandmother’s garden: I could pick anything I liked, as long as I could recite the flower’s name and promise to put it in water promptly. Ever since, I’ve had what could be labeled as a borderline obsession with flora – growing them, arranging them, giving them as gifts, you name it. So when we needed to prioritize area of focus for our wedding (scout’s honor, you can verify this) my VERY first order of business was working with our planner to come up with a floral design, and then finding a florist to bring it to life. Forget what people would be eating or sitting upon – flowers are my thing, and I was going to make CERTAIN we made a statement with the floral design for our event.

We started with the facts: I am a girly girl, and I like to make a splash. There is nothing I like better than the color pink (in all of it’s varieties), and I have a dark side too – so moodiness and balance was something I couldn’t live without. I’m also what Ned once described as ‘a beautiful mess’ – my act is usually together, but my hair is a bit wild, and I prefer wearing jeans with holes in them. All this and more was used to build and shape our custom floral design – and together with the magical Siren Floral Co. and Kaella Lynn Events, I finally saw my dreams take shape in flower form. The key to making a statement with your wedding florals, if that’s what you’re after, is to really go all in on personalization (and volume, in my opinion) – make those flowers reflect you entirely, and I guarantee they’ll turn out perfectly. Below, I’m sharing some of my favorite statement-making wedding florals, straight from my heart to all of you:

Flower Girl LA

Flower Crown by Flower Girl Los Angeles

Floral 1

Moody and fabulous Bridal Bouquet by Siren Floral Co.

Escort Card Florals

Living Floral Escort Card Display (via Pinterest)

Siren Floral Co. Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet by Siren Floral Co.

Floral Cake

Cake Flowers by Bows+Arrows, Photo by Ben Q. Photography


Ancillary arrangement by Flower Talk, Photo by We are all Stardust photography


Blogger Bride Series – Styling Your Engagement Shoot

I’ve always been a California girl at heart, with a love for the ocean and the golden sunlight that seems to only exist in our beautiful state. When Ned and I met, we were working in San Francisco, and our trips to southern California were frequent and joy-filled: so when it came time to style our engagement photo shoot, I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like. Working with FABULOUS photographers was a great way to ensure that our look came out exactly as we envisioned it – and starting with a pin-spiration board on Pinterest really helped me corral and curate all of our ideas into a single cohesive design.

Here are some killer inspirations from our golden hour engagement shoot:

KLE Blogger Bride Series: Styled Engagement Shoot

Photo via Gal Meets Glam

KLE Blogger Bride Series: Styled Engagement Shoot

Photo via Pinterest

KLE Blogger Bride Series: Styled Engagement Shoot

Photo by Patrick Moyer

Our photographers, Jake and Necia, nailed the look. Here is a favorite from our engagement shoot.

Blogger Bride Series: Shopping for My Wedding Dress

As soon as Ned and I had our venue booked and our planning schedule nailed down, I started thinking seriously about my wedding dress. I’ve seen ‘Father of the Bride’ and ’27 Dresses’ more times than I care to admit – and while I’m not ashamed to admit I watch TLC wedding dress shows regularly, I still wasn’t certain which style I would end up choosing for myself. I scheduled SIX different wedding dress shopping appointments in December, and was excited to bring different groups of my bridesmaids to each appointment. My girlfriends were so wonderful: completely available and excited to shop with me, sometimes giving up their entire Saturday to give loving feedback and help me hunt through the racks at each boutique.

I got to try on dozens of very different styles to sort out exactly what I wanted and what looked best on me – and the dress I ultimately couldn’t live without was actually found on my first shopping day. I remember discovering it hanging on it’s own special rack, and thinking I had never seen anything quite like it before: it wasn’t like what I had planned or thought I would like – and that was so much more fun! To be truly wowed by a dress is a wonderful feeling, and I can only hope that everyone gets a chance to prance around the atelier the way I did when I found the one (true story: that happened). Since I’m going to surprise Ned and our guests on the wedding day with the dress I chose, I can’t show you yet – but I CAN show you some of my most favorite dress styles, some of which I tried on!  My best advice from the wedding dress shopping process? Pull dress styles that are in line with what your personal style, but don’t be afraid to try something new or slightly different as well – and stick to your budget! The perfect dress for you is out there, just waiting for you to find it. Never settle!

Kaella Lynn Events // Blogger Bride: Choosing Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

Custom dress, Photo by Nikos P. Gogas

Kaella Lynn Events // Blogger Bride: Choosing Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

Dress: Elie Saab, Photography: Ashley Ludaescher

Kaella Lynn Events // Blogger Bride: Choosing Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

Feather Skirt and Corset by Watters // via Style Me Pretty

Kaella Lynn Events // Blogger Bride: Choosing Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

Dress: BHLDN // via Her and Everything

Kaella Lynn Events // Blogger Bride: Choosing Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

Dress: Inbal Dror, Photography: Jose Villa

Kaella Lynn Events // Blogger Bride: Choosing Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

Dress: Hayley Paige, Photography: Natalie Watson Photography

Kaella Lynn Events // Blogger Bride: Choosing Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

Dress: Desiree Hartsock for Maggie Sottero, Photography: Brandon Kidd Photo

Kaella Lynn Events // Blogger Bride: Choosing Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

Dress: Lazaro, Photography: Katch Studios

Kaella Lynn Events // Blogger Bride: Choosing Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

Dress: Pronovias, Photography: The Edges Wedding Photography

Kaella Lynn Events // Blogger Bride: Choosing Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

Dress: Watters, Photography: Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography

Kaella Lynn Events // Blogger Bride: Choosing Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

Corset and Skirt: Watters, Photography: Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography

Kaella Lynn Events // Blogger Bride: Choosing Bridesmaids & Dress Shopping

Dress: Vera Wang, Photography: Olivia Leigh Photographie