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Blogger Bride Series: Wedding Floral Inspiration – making a statement

They say every wedding can be perfect: that if the day and event are truly a reflection of the bride and groom as individuals, their shared wedding will be a delightful ceremony (and party) to symbolize coming together as one. I fully believe this – and as I’ve shared with my fiancé more than 100 times since the beginning of our relationship, I want our special event to be totally tailored to us. I also have this thing with flowers…


Flowers by Siren Floral Co., Photo by Joielala // via 100 Layer Cake

It all started when I was a little girl, buzzing around in my grandmother’s garden: I could pick anything I liked, as long as I could recite the flower’s name and promise to put it in water promptly. Ever since, I’ve had what could be labeled as a borderline obsession with flora – growing them, arranging them, giving them as gifts, you name it. So when we needed to prioritize area of focus for our wedding (scout’s honor, you can verify this) my VERY first order of business was working with our planner to come up with a floral design, and then finding a florist to bring it to life. Forget what people would be eating or sitting upon – flowers are my thing, and I was going to make CERTAIN we made a statement with the floral design for our event.

We started with the facts: I am a girly girl, and I like to make a splash. There is nothing I like better than the color pink (in all of it’s varieties), and I have a dark side too – so moodiness and balance was something I couldn’t live without. I’m also what Ned once described as ‘a beautiful mess’ – my act is usually together, but my hair is a bit wild, and I prefer wearing jeans with holes in them. All this and more was used to build and shape our custom floral design – and together with the magical Siren Floral Co. and Kaella Lynn Events, I finally saw my dreams take shape in flower form. The key to making a statement with your wedding florals, if that’s what you’re after, is to really go all in on personalization (and volume, in my opinion) – make those flowers reflect you entirely, and I guarantee they’ll turn out perfectly. Below, I’m sharing some of my favorite statement-making wedding florals, straight from my heart to all of you:

Flower Girl LA

Flower Crown by Flower Girl Los Angeles

Floral 1

Moody and fabulous Bridal Bouquet by Siren Floral Co.

Escort Card Florals

Living Floral Escort Card Display (via Pinterest)

Siren Floral Co. Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet by Siren Floral Co.

Floral Cake

Cake Flowers by Bows+Arrows, Photo by Ben Q. Photography


Ancillary arrangement by Flower Talk, Photo by We are all Stardust photography


Palette Inspiration: Lavender and Lilac

With spring in full bloom, nature is a riot of color all around – and the options for a spring color palette can be overwhelming! No season offers more options for florals – from pastels to bright neon, citrus to bright white and natural greenery.

It’s a well known color secret that lavender and lilac are some of spring’s most beautiful tones, and mix fabulously with a variety of different event types – the trick is to blend them with contrasting shades, to create depth and dimension within your event design. (The look to avoid is a murple purple mash up where your wedding looks like it got caught in a jar of grape jelly). For example, you can blend lavender sweet peas with coral garden roses, as long as you keep the look cohesive, and anchored around your chosen shade. Here are some of our favorite spring inspirations for a pastel purple infused wedding that packs a punch:

Purple Louboutin

Christian Louboutin bridal shoes

Julie Paisley flower crown

Photo by Julie Paisley via Style Me Pretty

Reception Inspiration: 10 Gorgeous Place Setting Ideas

10 Gorgeous place setting ideas via Kaella Lynn Events Blog

It might seem like an afterthought, but the way you treat your place setting at your reception can speak volumes in your overall design. Not to mention there are so many options beyond a simple napkin fold. This is one of those aspects of a wedding design to put your stamp and make your wedding truly unique. From romantic and glamorous to rustic and casual, here are some gorgeous and creative place setting ideas to add some wow factor to your table.

10 Gorgeous place setting ideas via Kaella Lynn Events Blogvia East Meets South Blog

10 Gorgeous place setting ideas via Kaella Lynn Events Blogphoto by Jose Villa

10 Gorgeous place setting ideas via Kaella Lynn Events Blogvia Style Me Pretty

Kaella Lynn

Blogger Bride Series – Styling Your Engagement Shoot

I’ve always been a California girl at heart, with a love for the ocean and the golden sunlight that seems to only exist in our beautiful state. When Ned and I met, we were working in San Francisco, and our trips to southern California were frequent and joy-filled: so when it came time to style our engagement photo shoot, I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like. Working with FABULOUS photographers was a great way to ensure that our look came out exactly as we envisioned it – and starting with a pin-spiration board on Pinterest really helped me corral and curate all of our ideas into a single cohesive design.

Here are some killer inspirations from our golden hour engagement shoot:

KLE Blogger Bride Series: Styled Engagement Shoot

Photo via Gal Meets Glam

KLE Blogger Bride Series: Styled Engagement Shoot

Photo via Pinterest

KLE Blogger Bride Series: Styled Engagement Shoot

Photo by Patrick Moyer

Our photographers, Jake and Necia, nailed the look. Here is a favorite from our engagement shoot.

Inspiration: Ribbon-tied Decor

bcf0f008d26273493ac2fc602baadd03via Silk and Willow

Originally designed for the decoration of the royal courts in Europe, ribbons have taken on new meaning with some of the latest trends we’re seeing this season. Some manifestations of the design choice are wild and free, adding a dose of whimsy to the overall decor, while others are classic and simple: designed to traditionalize the design element they adorn. Ribbon also has a host of practical applications at a wedding, and can be used to tie just about anything together while still looking pretty. Here, we’ve gathered up our 15 favorite examples of how to use ribbon to help you ‘tie the knot’ – check them out:

Inspiration: Ribbon tied Weddings // Kaella Lynn Events

Photo by Kat Braman

Inspiration: Ribbon tied Weddings // Kaella Lynn Events

Photo by Sarah Kate

Inspiration: Ribbon tied Weddings // Kaella Lynn Events

Photo by Tec Petaja

Inspiration: Ribbon tied Weddings // Kaella Lynn Events

Photo by Sally Pinera