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Techie Tuesday: Knack Registry

Does the idea of registering sound overwhelming? Already own a blender? Not exactly needing fine china or silver? Well, I have a solution for you. Or rather, the founders of Knack Registry have a solution for you. They provided this unique registry with these questions in mind. No longer are you limited to big box retailers and traditional registry items.

Knack allows couples to register for items that are most relevant and personal to them. Register for items from all your favorite sites, even Etsy! And you are not limited to products, you can register for experiences, like your honeymoon, concert tickets and cooking classes.

What I find most attractive and unique about Knack is that they allow you to support your local small business retailers that don’t have the opportunity to host their own registry.  To make the process less daunting they curated the catalog, “which features gifts sourced from artists, artisans and boutiques from across the country.”Knack Registry Review / Kaella Lynn Events

There is so much to love about Knack. As one of my bride’s wrote:

“We really loved Knack – especially the flexibility it gave us… You are able to apply the money towards the actual gift purchased or just request cash from Knack. Having that ability makes it easy to get a set in its entirety or apply the money to other items. They are also wonderful to work with. I had several questions or minor bugs along the way, and they were always super fast to respond! Oh also – super helpful for writing your Thank You’s to have a record of who purchased each item.”

Knack notifies you each time a gift is purchased, but will not ship items until you request them. To learn more about how it works, check out this video.

Joie de vivre!

Kaella Lynn

Techie Tuesday: weddinggawker

If you are anything like I was when I was planning my wedding, searching the internet for inspiration is a big part of your process. While Pinterest has made a big splash in the industry providing tons of inspiration for engaged couples, I still find myself going to weddinggawker. While bloggers, photographers and brides can upload photos, the WeddingGawker team chooses only the best to showcase.

Techie Tuesday: WeddingGawker

Create an account and you can save, tag and add notes to your favorite photos. There is even an iPhone app to help you find inspiration on-the-go!

For more lifestyle inspiration, check out their sister sites; foodgawker, craftgawker, dwellinggawker, stylegawker.

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Techie Tuesday: Avocado

In the spirit of love and coupledom, my husband and I spent the past few weeks testing out the couple’s app, Avocado. And we love it!

While I believe we do a good job of making time for each other, we (like you I’m guessing) lead very, very busy lives. Between him heading a new recruitment department at a quickly growing online video ad network company, and me running my own business, things often fall through the cracks or get mixed up. Between the hundreds of emails, phone calls, work meetings, it’s no surprise if one of us misses an email or in our haste, sends a lovey-dovey text to the wrong person (embarrassing, much?). We really needed something to make our communications more efficient, and Avocado has done just that plus an added dose of fun factor!


App Latter

The app allows couples to stay connected via a variety of features, including a shared calendar, to-do lists, and send private message and photos. You can even send hugs and kisses, which makes me all giddy, like a Sixth grader getting a note from her crush. As much as I love the cutesy features (and i do!), Avocado really has improved our communication. Being pregnant, we can use the help organizing as we plan for baby. We schedule our doctor appointments in the shared app, so Erin doesn’t miss a (heart) beat (or sonogram).

In fact, after this morning’s Doctor visit, Erin added a couple follow up items to our to-do list, which I was immediately notified about in my alerts. We also receive a notification when the other crosses an item off the list. The only feature I would like to see is the ability to add reminder alerts to the lists. While available on the shared calendar, it would be a great additional to the to-do lists. However, I currently am using the free version, so maybe this function is available on the paid upgrade. Anyone?



Experiencing how useful Avocado has been in planning for our baby, I can easily see just how much it would help a couple planning their wedding. Schedule your vendor meetings on the shared calendar, send photos of things you like to get your fiance’s opinion, divide and conquer with a shared to-do list so your honey knows when you’ve called the photographer or emailed the song list to your DJ. Heck develop the list of songs for your wedding day within the app, so you can both contribute and make suggestions on the go.

There are endless reasons why Avocado makes sense for couples. But why the name? It turns out avocados only bear fruit when they grow near each other. Avocados also grow in pairs. How apt (and adorable!) is that?

Not yet a user and want to give it a go? Download the app for iPhone here.

I want to know your experience with the app. Love or hate? Are you using it while planning your wedding or another big project?

Joie de vivre,


Techie Tuesday: Wedding Party App

When I search “wedding” in my iPhone app store, how many wedding apps do you think display in the results? 1,661.

That is a lot of apps to filter through, so I’m starting a new series aimed at providing recommendations on apps (and other tech tools) for your wedding. To kick off this series, I’d like to introduce The Wedding Party App. A free app that aims to get your guests involved in your big day and offer a portal to view your wedding day through your guests eyes.

How it works. Sign up at www.weddingpartyapp.com and use their simple invitation system to tell your guests. Guests download the app and with one simple click upload the photos they capture throughout the wedding day. They can even add comments and interact with other guests. No longer will time be wasted pestering friends and fam to send the photos they took at your wedding.

All the photos are compiled into one album for free download, yes free! In addition to the beautiful highlights your professional photographer will have captured of your wedding day, you will also see the day through your guests’ eyes – silly, behind-the-scene, candid moments.

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of Wedding Party App while it was in beta stage, and this year they are making a big splash with buzz from both wedding and tech industries, from Style Me Pretty to TechCrunch. And there are more perks coming, so follow their blog to stay in the loop… and get pretty inspirations too!


Joie de vivre,