A Planners Guide to Wine Country Weddings

May 31, 2017 0 Comments

Our philosophy when planning a wedding in Northern California’s wine country is to accentuate the beautiful place you’re in. People will travel from all over to come visit and taste the wine. Play up your location without being cliche and over here at Kaella Lynn Events, we strive for just that. Natural accents and unique details keep your guests present and in the moment. 

Local Seasonal Food – Fresh local produce and game are right at the fingertips of caterers in the area. We love finding vendors that work with those ingredients to create a menu unique to wine country.

Outdoor Space – Wine country is one of the most beautiful backdrops for a wedding. Dressed up tablescapes in outdoor spaces are the perfect way to show off your location while still feeling elegant.

Weather – Wine country can be tricky when it comes to the weather. You may assume that, since it is California, it will be perfect for an outdoor ceremony. However, locals know that as soon as the sun starts to set, the temperature drops and the winds pick up. Be aware of how your guests will be feeling and bring in design elements that will leave your guests feeling taken care of.

Dress – Timeless vintage sophistication is what we steer our wine country brides toward. Lace features with classic silhouettes are always great wedding dress options. Don’t get us wrong, we love embellishments, but they don’t feel right with all of the natural beauty going on around you. Leave the bling to your diamond ring.

Flowers – Arrangements that compliment the outdoors are undone, understated, and effortless. You want guests to believe that you just picked them from your garden.

Stationary Placement – Be prepared for the afternoon winds with strategic stationary placement. These moss-pinned place cards are a beautiful design element and will stay in place all day long. 

Lighting – As the day changes, the light obviously changes. String lights are classic but it could also be pretty to uplight the beautiful sycamore trees or hang lanterns from branches. 

Signature Drinks – A lot of venues in wine country have hard alcohol restrictions. Just because you can’t have a full bar doesn’t mean you can’t have signature “drinks.” Wine spritzers and sangria anyone?



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