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December 10, 2013 0 Comments

There’s something incredibly appealing about a man with style, which is why I believe the groom’s attire deserves some much needed attention. Think about what style goes with your wedding theme. For example, black tuxes wouldn’t compliment a rustic country theme. Try adding layers and detail to the look that represent his personal style – a bowtie or pocket square or maybe you forgo the suit jacket for a sweater tie combo. Think about texture, layers and color as ways to coordinate with your wedding theme. And at the end of the day, always, always pay attention to the fit. Fit is the most important part to a polished and finished look. Your tailor will be your new best friend.

Here are some examples (and inspiration!) of excellent groom style.

grooms with style5-619x845summer_watkins_stylist_spring_wedding_21stylish grooms

One of my favorite groom blogs is Well-Groomed. There is no shortage of style inspiration for the groom and his groomsmen there. Here are just a few I’ve rounded up. There are a couple great examples of unexpected boutonnieres. as a reminder to give that little detail some attention when putting together the groom’s outfit, as well.


From a wedding designer’s perspective, attire is just an important to the overall theme of the wedding as is, say the flowers. So don’t forget to pay some attention to what your groom is wearing to make sure he compliments not only the theme, but also you! He is going to be your arm candy in all the pictures, and for life!

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