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September 13, 2012 0 Comments

Excited to share my latest project with you – DIY Kaella Lynn Events business cards, which I made for ISSE Carmel (Click on the link for behind the scenes from that amazing 2-day experience!).

I typically have beautiful letterpress business cards from the lovely Aerialist Press, but was running low without enough time to order a new batch before ISSE. Upon finding out we needed to provide 100 business cards at registration, I set out to craft some for the occasion! Although my letterpress cards perfectly represent the Kaella Lynn Events brand, it soon became evident this was a great opportunity to show off my creativity. Scroll down to view the fun!

After a trip to Paper Source and Japanese stationery shop, Maido, I laid out the supplies and dedicated Sunday to crafting 100 business cards.

If you haven’t noticed by now, this lady is a little infatuated with stripes *wink wink.* And, because I hope to add a bit of sparkle to everyone’s day, a pinch of glitter was the final ingredient.

I attended ISSE with 100 hand-crafted business cards, and even received several compliments! One lovely attendee told me they stood out to her most among the pack, which made me feel really warm and fuzzy 🙂

With a couple slight adjustments, these could be a regular KLE hand out at bigger events and seminars! What do you think?

Joie de vivre!


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