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Old St. Hillary's - Wedding Editorial - Kaella Lynn EventsThere are plenty of reasons to create a wedding website, but the most important reason is to make things easier for your guests- it’s also a great place to display those super cute engagement photos! A wedding website is a one-stop shop for your guests to find everything they need to know for your big day. Whether that’s the suggested attire, your registry, or even the address, it’s a great paper-free way to display all necessary information and some details you may not have included in your invitation. We have put together our very own wedding website guide to answer frequently asked questions and provide suggestions. Don’t worry, no coding necessary.

Do I need a wedding website?

If your guest list is 30 people or fewer, if most guests live nearby, or if your loved ones aren’t big on computers, you can totally do without a website. However, if you’re having an out-of-town affair, or if your guests hail from all corners of the globe, a website is a helpful planning tool.

When should I setup my website?

We suggest that you setup your website before you send out your save the dates. This is usually about 6 months before the wedding. That way you can include the link to your website on your save the dates. This is helpful for out-of-town guests to see travel and accommodation information on your site so that they can start planning their trip.

Popular Wedding Website Hosting Sites

Here is a short list of some sites that offer wedding website hosting and templates for you to quickly create your perfect website. 



Important Information to Include on your Site:


Before the Save the Date is mailed, the site should have your names, a photo of you two (if desired), wedding date, location, directions and room block information if applicable. For other information, you can always put a placeholder in that spot with “coming soon.”

Important Times:

Before you send out your invitations, we suggest adding these times to your site.

  1. Ceremony start time
  2. Reception start time, if there is a gap, otherwise just write “reception to follow”
  3. Reception end time
  4. Transportation schedule (if shuttles provided)
  5. Attire notes (i.e. Black Tie, layers as it gets chilly in the evenings, the reception will be on the grass)
  6. Wedding weekend itinerary, if applicable ( i.e. post wedding brunch, wine tasting, welcome reception, etc.)
  7. Things to do in the area



It is helpful to include nearby airports, flight information/discounts, distance from the airport to the hotel, etc.  for out-of-town guests.


For room blocks, you will want to provide the following details:

  1. Provisions line: “A room block has been reserved at:”
  2. Hotel name
  3. Address
  4. Phone number
  5. Website link
  6. Provide instructions to secure room under the block (i.e. name of your block, special code, or link you were provided)
  7. Room types within block and discounted rate
  8. Deadline to secure room
  9. Optional: Share any amenities of the hotel
  10. Optional: Feel free to offer up to two other hotels nearby the room block at different price points that way guests can still take provided transportation, if applicable



For weddings with a large number of out-of town guests, some couples choose to provide transportation. Inform your guests where you are providing the transportation- whether it is from a hotel to the ceremony, hotel to ceremony and reception, or ceremony to reception. Be very specific with the details on where it will be picking up, the time it will be picking up, and where it will be dropping off.

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