Bridesmaid Selection: How to Pick a Foolproof Bridal Party

April 20, 2016 0 Comments

Let’s get serious for a minute, brides: there are very few people as important to your wedding planning process (and big day!) as your groom. But one group of people that might affect your happiness and sanity more when planning a wedding are your bridesmaids. I know what you’re thinking: a few matching dresses, a tea party here and an invitation there, and you’re off to the races with a ready-made girl squad designed to make your wedding day and all preceding events a breeze – right? WRONG.

Not that the above scenario never happens, but in our experience on both sides (as both brides and planners), it’s critically important to choose the right bridesmaids to support you – to listen to your ideas on floral inspiration for months on end, to help you pick the right accessories for your wedding look, and even to lend a helping hand when that one wacky relative is throwing off the balance of your wedding night. You need to choose the people (or person) you know will support you in all circumstances, limit the drama that surrounds you, and commit to help out in what can be an involved process.

Finances are also a very real part of participating in a bridal party – your bridesmaids can be asked to chip in for everything from matching outfits, shoes, hair/makeup services, and your shower to the bachelorette party – be respectful of your friends’ time and finances. If you are concerned that a friend who was just laid off, in the midst of planning their own wedding, or having their first baby, for instance, won’t be able to participate fully, just ask. Make sure your friend feels comfortable with what is expected as your bridesmaid and allow the space for your friend to be honest about what is achievable in terms of participation and financial obligations.

Our best tip for selecting your bridal party: keep it to your most tried and true friends that you trust, your cheerleading squad, and those that beyond a shadow of a doubt will support you on your wedding day (and leading up to it). These people will make your wedding experience happy and memorable for years to come.


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