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Currently Coveting: Flower Wild

There’s nothing quite like a line up of poppy-bright spring weddings bursting with fresh flowers to kick off the season with a bang – and right now, we (and just about everyone else we know) are coveting Wildflowers! The look is equal parts messy chic and casually elegant, and mixes nicely with just about any outdoor venue or spring motif you can imagine. For this reason, the trend is cropping up everywhere on the wedding scene, and as California girls, we’re accustomed to seeing flowers abundantly – but never anything quite like this! With so many ways to take advantage of the carefully curated and delightfully diverse blooms, we’ve taken the liberty of sharing five of our favorites examples here. How are you going flower wild this season?

Spilling Bouquet

Floral Drape JoseVilla Bouquet

Wildflower invite Rifle PaperFloral Necklace

Wildflower Cake

Joie de vivre!


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