Fave 5: Romantic Movies

October 24, 2012 1 Comment

This was no easy task. There are so many amazing romantic movies to chose from. So I based my list on the one I turn to time and time again for that heart-string pulling, tear jerking, love conquers all feeling.

Titanic and The Notebook are some pretty obvious classics, but you may wonder why I chose the next three. Well, Breakfast at Tiffany’s was completely taboo for it’s time. Just when you think they have no chance at love, the story takes a turn… and I’m left in happy tears every time! That brings us to cult classic Princess Bride. Yes, it’s a romantic comedy, but I find so much inspiration in this classic Princess story. And they live happily every after, or do they? And lastly, Pretty Woman. I was considering Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio or even Say Anything starring John Cusack (The boombox scene is priceless). But while getting a blow out at Dry Bar, Pretty Woman was playing and I was completely sucked in. I found myself tearing up in public, and I just couldn’t resist including the movie in this list.

Now I know you must have your own favorites, so let’s keep this list going. Share your top romantic movies in the comments below. Common, don’t be shy!

Joie de vivre,


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  1. Christy
    You know, I've never seen The Notebook. Isn't that crazy? What kind of romantic am I? I will put it on the November list. Great post!
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