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June 29, 2012 3 Comments

Hello world! I am Kaella Lynn, the founder of Kaella Lynn Events. Welcome to the Kaella Lynn Events blog page. The website just went through a major makeover thanks to the lovely help of Spitfiregirl, and with it comes a brand new blog. My birthday is this week and I couldn’t ask for a better present!  What do you think of the new look?

As one who enjoys sharing inspirations, tips and musings with others, I’ve been looking forward to launching the blog for quite some time. From wedding and event planning advice to design inspirations, this is the place to go for snippets from behind the scenes at Kaella Lynn Events. I encourage your feedback and comments on the post to come, as my goal is for this blog to be an interactive space in which we can get to know each other.


Kaella Lynn

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  1. Ashley Bridges
    Love it Kaella! Love the blog and design. Just pinned one of your blog posts, keep it up girl!
  2. Heidi
    Congratulations!!! and happy birthday girlie! so happy you are happy!
  3. Mariana Maya Photography
    Happy Happy Birthday!!!
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