Kaella Lynn Events’ Newest Addition

July 26, 2013 1 Comment

Kaella Lynn Events new addition #BabyBeau

Please welcome Beau Madix Wilson to the Kaella Lynn Events team. He arrived Friday, July 19th at 11:02am. Born one week early, he was 6lbs, 12.6oz and 18.5 inches long, and a 100% B-E-A-U-tiful! My husband and I are absolutely enthralled with him. In addition to spending time with my son and adjusting to this new schedule, I am working on Kaella Lynn Events’ upcoming 2013 events starting with a beautiful, intimate wedding at the end of August.

Joie de vivre,

Kaella Lynn

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  1. Bellenza Wedding Bistro
    Just found your lovely blog. First of all, congratulations on your beautiful baby boy...and we will look forward to all the wedding inspiration here when you are ready!
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