KLE Bride Series: Choosing Your Planner & Design

March 16, 2016 0 Comments

When people ask what I like best about working in the wedding industry, lots of ideas come to mind, and it can be difficult to pinpoint a solitary favorite thing. I’ve been really lucky and blessed to work with some of the smartest and most creative people on the planet – and my absolute favorite part of this job has been working collaboratively with people who inspire me, feed my energy, and open my eyes to creative possibilities that I would never have thought of on my own. So when it came time to kick off the planning of my own wedding, I marched into our engagement armed with a Rolodex of the best of the best – and a keen idea of who I wanted to work with to make our dreams come true.

I may be partial in this regard, but it’s my feeling that hiring a wedding planner is the smartest thing you can do for your wedding, your sanity, and your life. You will want to be able to completely immerse yourself in your big day and enjoy it with every ounce of your energy and focus, and you can only do that if you have someone you fully trust on your side – someone you can hand the reins to, and be comfortable with while they execute all of your plans and design dreams. I knew that the only person I could do that with was Kaella – my longtime mentor, manager, and muse. And since we had been talking about my wedding design vision for years (in its many forms), we were completely ready to begin our planning and dreaming straight away!

Luckily for us, working together came easily – we’d been collaborating and discussing wedding designs for so long, it was just like planning a fabulous client event. Except in this case, we got to call the design shots and choose all the details and vendors from top to bottom – which has been incredibly fun! One of our earliest design inspirations came from the desert location and  Teepee Lounge featured above – and even though we moved away from the rad ‘wanderlust’ feel it embodies, we love it for its California-cool and bohemian styling: two things we wanted to incorporate into my final wedding design. Our wedding is designed to strike a harmony between the east and west coasts, traditional and irreverently awesome, and masculine vs. feminine. My fiancé Ned and I are total opposites, but the blend of the two of us works really well in real life – so we wanted to capture that, and celebrate it throughout the event styling. Here are a few more of our favorite wedding design inspirations – none of which would have been possible without Kaella’s vision, guidance, and flawless taste.

KLE Blogger Bride: Choosing a Wedding Planner

Photo via Ira + Lucy

KLE Blogger Bride: Choosing a Wedding Planner

Photo via I Take You

KLE Blogger Bride: Choosing a Wedding Planner

Photo by Ali Harper Photography

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