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November 17, 2012 0 Comments

My family has a long standing tradition of gathering in sunny Palm Springs for Thanksgiving, therefore my husband and I have not yet had the opportunity to host Thanksgiving dinner. However that doesn’t stop me from imagining what said party would look like.

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year? Here are some ideas to inspire your decor:

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1. Who says cake toppers are just for weddings?! Accessorize your cake or pie with a Fall inspired topper

2. Use natural elements as rustic decor. Try adding cotton, wheat stalks or berries for a fuller floral centerpiece. Or these elements can stand alone for simple centerpieces. For example, wheat stalks in assorted vintage bottles or green holiday berries in a mason jar are simple details that can make a big impact. Wood, burlap and twine are other elements that add fall rusticity to your party. Wrapping favors in twine or using wood chargers are just a couple ways to include these elements.

3. Layer your decor, including your table settings. This will add texture and interest to your display, making it just another part of the visual appeal of your decor.

4. Use metallic spray paint! Add some luxe by spray painting Autumn or Thanksgiving icons and motifs gold or silver. And layer (see how I did that?) them with your other decor items.

5. Scatter assorted gourds throughout the space. Use them as centerpieces, cover the mantle, place them on a side table to add interest. If natural gourds do not fit your color scheme, try painting them. You can spray paint them gold as mentioned, or try white for a polished and classic look.

Since I won’t get to employ these ideas this year, I do hope they inspire your Thanksgiving dinner vision.

Thank you for following the Kaella Lynn Events blog. I am definitely grateful for you this season 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!




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