Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

April 10, 2013 2 Comments

Last fling before the ring? Not exactly. Many brides see their Bachelorette Party as bonding time with their closest friends before they are officially married. So instead of the traditional “single ladies” night out or weekend in Vegas approach, modern brides just want fun, quality time with their girls. Here is a list of 10 unique Bachelorette Party ideas that are anything but typical.

Bachelorette Party Ideas / Kaella Lynn Events / photo by Morgan Trinker1. THROW A SOIREE. Why go out to a bar or club, when you can throw your own party with just the besties? Think cocktail attire, a specialty drink, tasty hors d’oeuvres and treats to some great music. Unlike the club, you will actually be able to hear each other talk. {image}

2. SPA NIGHT. Instead of heading to a fancy day spa, create your own DIY spa night. I say night, because I think this perfectly pairs with a sleepover. I mean, when do we girls get to have sleepovers anymore, right? Have a pajama party and get all the fixings for some at home spa treatments. Set up a mani/pedi station, a facial station with scrubs and luxurious masks (try an at home remedy, like this Lavender Oatmeal Mask from Julip Made), and hire a professional masseuse to give neck and back massages at your massage station. Serve some bubbly and herbal teas for the gals to enjoy between services.

Bachelorette Party Ideas / Kaella Lynn Events #glamping3. GLAMPING. Not all girls are into camping, including me. But glamping, short for “glamorous camping” is a whole different story. We’re talking luxury in the great outdoors with high end tents and interior conveniences like A/C, private bathrooms, beds. Something even your most high maintenance friend can enjoy. Find glamping resorts on GlampingHub or search for pop-up services, like Shelter Co. in the Bay Area, who will bring the Glamping to you. {image}

4. CHOCOLATE/COFFEE/ETC TOUR. Instead of your typical wine tasting weekend, which has become quite a popular choice, try a different tasting tour. Here in San Francisco, coffee is so ingrained in the culture that there are actually coffee tours! Javawalk is one such tour, or you can create your own tour. I highly recommend including Sightglass and Coffee-Bar in your stops. Not that much of a fan of coffee, look into chocolate tours and tastings or other types of food tours that are relevant in your area.

5. BIKE THE COUNTRYSIDE. Got an active group? Places like Napa and Sonoma offer bike excursions through the rolling hills and valleys of the countryside. Enjoy the beautiful views and picnic lunch along the way.

Bachelorette Party Ideas / Kaella Lynn Events / photo by Katherine Elizabeth Photography6. WINTER CABIN RETREAT. Instead of planning a beach getaway, why not bunk up in a cozy cabin to roast marshmallows, tell stories around the fire and sip (spiked) hot chocolate for the weekend? {image}

7. FRUIT PICKING & PIE MAKING. This one has a sweet reward at the end. Take the girls to a local fruit farm to pick apples, peaches, or berries. Then head back to bake pies from scratch. There are sure to be some silly hiccups along the way, but that’s the fun in it. At least one pie will turn out for everyone to enjoy… right?

8. PRIVATE COOKING CLASS. Book a private cooking class with a chef for the girls. Sip wine, learn to prepare a delicious dish and then eat it together.

Bachelorette Party Ideas / Kaella Lynn Events9. FLOWER LESSON. Back when I was still working in advertising, Martha Stewart Magazine, came in and hosted a flower arranging lesson. One of the fun perks of the job! I always thought this would be a fun way to get the girls together. You can look into local classes or even see if your wedding florist is available to provide the lesson. {source)

10. PHOTO SHOOT. From the time my best friend and I could work a camera to, well probably through high school, we had a photo shoot almost every time we got together. Complete with outfit and backdrop changes. It was always so much fun! Last year, I styled this High School Seniors photo shoot. Instead of just photographing one student, we thought it would be more fun for the girls to have a fully styled photo shoot with their closest gal pals. It goes the same for your Bachelorette Party. Why not make it a fun photo shoot? Commemorate this time with your besties and have fun getting dolled up to do it!

Let’s keep the list going! Did you do something unique for your bachelorette party? Comment with your bachelorette party story.

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  2. Stephanie
    Love these ideas! They're super fun, and better than just drinking in a dingy club for a bachelorette. I think a bachelorette trip to wine country to go wine tasting + renting a villa would be fun and classy :)
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