Why I love my job.

November 18, 2013 0 Comments

True Love | photo by Jack and Neci Photography

Just 6 weeks after my son was born, I was at Beltane Ranch producing a wedding. Some thought I was crazy to take on a wedding so soon, but it just felt right. The clients were such a wonderful couple, and I was getting to do what I love. DESIGN. So, I saw it through, and I am so glad I did.

Everything came together perfectly. From the spectacular team of vendors to the execution of the design I had worked so hard on. My clients and their guests were raving about the wedding and the design (and me!) the entire time. But it wasn’t this that had me on cloud nine as I drove home a couple days later.

It was the undeniable love shared between my clients. They were so happy with their wedding day. They sent me home with a thank you note so sweet, it made me shed happy tears. It wasn’t just that they were happy with my services (though of course that is important), but because they were so happy with each other. Throughout the wedding day, it was apparent I was in the presence of TRUE LOVE. And to be able to create a day this special and memorable to inspire them to write me such kind compliments made me the happiest person.

It felt like a defining moment in my career. On that drive home, I realized this is why I do what I do. TRUE LOVE. Witnessing this on a regular basis as part of my job is a gift. As is getting to help my clients celebrate it. Yes, I’m a romantic. A complete believer in soul mates, the one, true love, you name it.

So, I just want to thank my clients for falling in love and trusting me to create a magical day to honor them.


Joie de vivre,

Kaella Lynn

{photo by Jake and Necia Photography}

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